AFIS – Public Safety Software for Law Enforcement Agencies
Public safety software M2SYS AFIS is a disseminated solution that allows law enforcement agencies to establish customizable and scalable workflows with rapid biometric or multi-modal biometric verifications. The M2SYS law enforcement software also offers complete compatibility and flexibility to manage the prisoner database, to identify them before release and track their movements through the facility.
  • Certified by the FBI, NIST, ISO and ANSI
  • Integrity of data in multiple levels and access protection
  • Comparison for de-duplication of data and a comparative system of 1: N and 1: M based on a comparative probabilistic algorithm
  • Multi-modal biometric support with the ability for fingerprints, palm impressions, iris and facial recognition
  • Increase citizen security
  • Reduces fear of terrorism by visitors
  • Improve employee productivity by reducing paperwork