RightPatient MR
RightPatient MR is a biometric multi-modal solution for the identification of patients in Health Care systems, which prevents duplication of records, eliminates identity theft and fraud in services, and raises security levels for the patient. This unique and friendly system is easy to install and seamlessly links to existing systems for records and files such as Siemens, Meditech, Epic, McKesson, and more. RightPatient MR  It also supports the recognition of fingerprints, finger vein, palm vein, iris and faces, depending on the needs to ensure high accuracy. Government and private hospitals and health departments can easily implement this international and economical standard solution to ensure improved accuracy for patient identification with high levels of safety.


  • Multi-modal biometric authentication (fingerprints, finger vein, palm vein, iris, facial recognition)
  • Uninterrupted interface with any EHR software
  • High Speed ​​Behavior – 2.3 million templates for iris / sec, 1.7 million templates for fingerprints / sec, 600,000 templates for vein in fingers / sec, 60,000 templates for palm veins / sec


  • Easy to install, and enroll patients quickly
  • Elevates Patient Safety
  • Lighten the process for patient registration