TrueVoter ™ – Voter Registration
The M2SYS TrueVoter ™ voter registration solution is an advanced and effective system that allows for fair and recognized elections. The biometric solutions of M2SYS Technologies for voter registration are military-grade systems, and are designed to meet the needs of any government for a fast, secure and reliable suffrage process.
  • Customizable work software modules for data entry and dispatch
  • Wide range of multi-modal biometric hardware with support (fingerprint scanner, iris scanner, camera for facial recognition, etc.)
  • Effective architecture with tolerance to failures and security measures for fraud protection, information security, and citizen privacy
  • Technology for Data Cleaning that prevents duplication of registrations
  • The registration and identification process is easy through our user friendly interface
  • Ensures a fast and reliable voting with access, and audit to the data tracking