M2-EasyScan MR – Fingerprint Reader
The Fingerprint Reader M2-EasyScan MR is a revolutionary and ergonomic reader that ensures a consistent image quality, through the most difficult environments. In repetitive environments such as Social or Sports Associations, and Educational Institutions, a fingerprint reader that does not degrade with frequent use is required. The M2SYS M2-EasyScan MR Fingerprint Reader was designed with this criterion and the results are very successful.
  • The M2-EasyScan MR Fingerprint Reader does not have a membrane on the glass, eliminating the possibility of damage by frequent use
  • The device calibrates itself
  • Meets certifications for MIC, CE, FCC, WHQL and RoHS
  • Ergonomic and friendly design
  • Ensures consistent image quality for high volume environments
  • Works well for fingerprints from dry fingers and small fingers, especially needed in educational environments