M2-TwoPrint MR – Reader for Two Fingerprints
The Dual Fingerprint Reader M2-TwoPrint MR is durable; a rugged scanner manufactured with a large scanning surface and designed for fast high-quality image capture. Very suitable for situations subject to low skin integrity in adverse conditions; This scanner has the ability to capture single, double and rolled images. The sturdy and thick protective cover on the scanner screen flange is a long use in any demanding environment and can easily process dry, wet, damaged and scarred fingers, without difficulty.
  • Quality images at high speed (certified by the FBI with image quality PIV-071006).
  • Rugged design with scratch-proof glass
  • Capture images of Individual, Dual or Rolled Fingerprints
  • Easily process to low integrity skin
  • Supports high load of use in Difficult Environments
  • Easy preparation and friendly interface