Hybrid Biometric Platform MR – a multi-modal biometric system
The Toolkit for Biometric Software Developers (SDKs) of M2SYS is a middleware that enables integration with our biometric multi-modal system. Our Bio-Plugin MR is the only solution that allows developers to easily integrate a biometric identification system with little or no development. The system also allows rapid integration with Windows and Web software to use biometrics for fingerprints, finger vein, palm vein and iris through the Hybrid Biometric Platform MR hybrid platform., another revolutionary M2SYS solution. The Biometric Software Developers Toolkit (SDKs) is compatible with the Hitachi finger vein reader and Fujitsu palm vein reader, helping to adopt a system within the existing hardware system.


  • Provides support to databases that comply with SQL, including MS SQL Server, Access, MySQL, Oracle 9i, DB2, Informix, etc.
  • Provides support for recognition of fingerprints, iris, vein on the finger and vein in Palma
  • Fingerprint Inscriptions from 0.2 to 0.4 seconds, and compare at speeds up to 100,000 per second


  • Easy to integrate into complete biometric systems in a few hours
  • High performance with multi-channel servers
  • Efficient cost, does not require development