M2-FuseID MR
M2-FuseID MR is a hardware merged device that simultaneously captures images of both fingerprints and fingerprints, with a simple touch of the finger on the glass. It is the only biometric reader that can process one-to-one (1: 1) and one-to-many (1: N) comparisons with fingerprint and finger vein templates in a PC-based environment, and is designed to read 100% of users reducing the risk of relying solely on fingerprint recognition.
  • High-level Encrypted data transfer via USB
  • LED display for instant visual response
  • Interactive interface and expansive operational range (0 ° to 40 ° C, Dry or Wet)
  • High Precision, Direct Light Resistance, and Ergonomic Design
  • Ultra-accurate, Meets the FBI’s 500 DPI image resolution
  • Sophisticated life detection, and a compact and versatile design