Mobile Biometrics – RapidCheck MR 10-29
The RapidCheck MR 10-29 from M2SYS is a portable biometric identification tool capable of capturing ten quality fingerprints for the FBI. Its multi-modal biometric system also supports dual iris scanning, facial images with ICAO standard, and data from contactless and non-contact smart cards. The RapidCheck MR 10-29   from M2SYS is also compatible with the M2SYS AFIS / ABIS system and suitable for use in border patrols, police units, military, and coast guard vessels.


  • Support for ISO7816 contact cards Class A, B and C (5V / 3V / 1.8V)
  • Capable of capturing fingerprints, iris, and faces for smart cards with and without contact
  • Compatible with the 13.56 MHz non-contact reader with software such as ISO14443 type A and MIFARE MR , FeliCa MR


  • Able to operate with any smart card or tablet
  • Portable biometric pocket device
  • Perfect device for use in the field