M2-TenPrint MR – Scanner for Two Fingerprints
Live Fingerprint Scanner with an advanced Optical System that can capture 4 finger images in less than 1 second. The wide area of ​​our fingerprint scanner is adapted to create a fingerprint image shot next to the finger print capture. The design provides a viable biometric solution in various environments and applications that includes border control, electronic identification, driver’s licenses, health care, ration cards and social benefits, issuing electronic passports, electronic registration and verification.


  • Wide area of ​​Scanner with Advanced Optical System
  • Programmable LED buttons
  • Provides Support for Flat and Rolled Finger Prints


  • Intuitive user interface that allows configurations applicable to a wide range of uses (Border Control, Electronic Identification, National Identification, etc.)
  • Certificate for EBTS of FBI Appendix F
  • 1 Year Warranty for mechanical defects