Bio-SnapON MR
The Bio-SnapON MR is an administrative solution for biometric identification that can be «instantly connected» to any third-party software application. With the help of the Bio-SnapON MR , individuals can be identified simply by placing their fingers or hands on a high-performance scanner to ensure the highest level of identification accuracy. The Bio-SnapON MR solution is a secure, accurate, ready-to-use, biometric identification system that companies can use with third-party systems for time and attendance management, members and associates so that individuals can be instantly identified by verifying their biometric credentials.


  • Rapid biometric authentication
  • Does not require work at the code level
  • Able to work in both Windows and Web applications


  • Does not require updates or software development

  • The user does not need keys

  • More secure and reliable than identification cards, passwords or identification numbers