Prevention of Internal Banking Fraud
Use BioSignature MR to establish strong multi-factor authentication in the transaction process.
BioSignature MR
BioSignature MR of M2SYS provides a system for biometric identification of the «personal signature» in banks, financial institutions and insurance, to identify employees and customers in the secure processes of transactions, mortgages, loan approval, etc. It also seamlessly interweaves with existing banking software and workflow. This system is the perfect solution for biometric identification, creating concrete audit trails in transaction activity and ensuring adherence to government regulations for financial institutions.


  • Integration without interruption to integrate with existing banking software or workflow
  • Demand the biometric scanning of employees and avoid administrative leaps to establish a concrete trail in the audit
  • Suitable with different biometric modalities such as fingerprints, finger vein, palm vein and iris
  • Reduce internal bank fraud and identity theft to customers
  • Different biometric flexibility with hardware and reliable multi-factor authentication
  • Provides a secure and convenient process to control authorizations in transactions