Easy-to-use fingerprint integration software without the SDK

Remove passwords, barcodes and PINs, without any required development

Bio-SnapOn ™

The interface is a robust Fingerprint Identification System with existing software for added security and convenience.

How Much Can I Save Eliminating Fraudulent Dialing? of Friends with the Bio-SnapON? And the additional Savings from Eliminate Inflation and Payroll?

Benefits of the System

  • More secure and efficient than identification cards or PIN
  • No software development is required
  • Increase profitability by eliminating «fraudulent tagging of friends»
  • Eliminate problems caused by lost or stolen cards
  • Protects the confidential information of the user
  • Secure manager approvals or transaction cancellations
  • Nobody can forget his fingerprint!

Successful Customers

Bio-SnapON provides exactly what we need. We are able to instantly add biometric features to our application, offering our customers a more secure and efficient worker authentication.

Ian Sexton,  President