M2-S MR – Fingerprint Reader
The Fingerprint Reader M2-S MR was designed to be used with all Software Developers (SDK) in the market. Our most durable fingerprint scanner. The ergonomic design of the M2-S facilitates perfect finger placement for each fingerprint capture and produces an optimized image with a larger surface. This Fingerprint Reader was designed for the «Digital Persona U.Are.U 4500HD» High-Durability fingerprint sensor.


  • Compatible with many standard packages for software developers (SDKs)
  • Small form factor, excellent image quality, and encrypted data for image
  • Rejection of image by latent and false impression


  • Excellent image quality and durability (Fingerprint Sensor «Digital Persona U.Are.U 4500HD»)
  • Compatible with many standard packages for Software Development (SDKs)
  • Works very well with dry, wet or damaged fingers