M2-FuseID ™ Hybrid Fingerprint & Finger Vein Reader M2-PalmVein ™ Scanner M2-FV Finger Vein Reader M2-TenPrint ™ Live Fingerprint Scanner M2-TwoPrint ™ Dual Fingerprint Scanner M2-B ™ Fingerprint Reader M2-S ™ Fingerprint Reader M2-EasyScan ™ Fingerprint Reader Cross Match I Scan 2 Iris Camera Iris ID iCAM TD100 Iris Recognition Camera

M2-FuseID MR – Hybrid Reader for Finger Prints and Vein on Finger

Multi-modal Biometric Hardware Fused, Versatile and Ergonomic with the Capacity to Detect «Life».

M2-PalmVein MR – Scanner for Vein in Palma

The Biometric Vein Scanner in Palma Leader in the Industry for 100% Accurate Authentication.

M2-FV – Reader for Vena in Finger

Reader for finger vein without contact and under the skin, for a perfect reading «Every Time».

M2-TenPrint MR – Fingerprint Reader

Low-Cost and Specialized device with an advanced optical system that can capture high quality images in less than 1.0 seconds.

M2-TwoPrint MR – Fingerprint Reader for Two-Finger

A Superior Technology for Two-Finger Recognition, with a Resistant and Scratch Proof Design.

M2-B MR – Fingerprint Reader

Precision Biometric Reader for Fingerprints, with a Modern Design and the Surface of the Protected Grading Sensor.

M2-S MR – Fingerprint Reader

Reinforced, Durable, Ergonomic, Low Cost – Designed for High Traffic Environments Built for a Long Life.

M2-EasyScan MR – Fingerprint Reader

An Ergonomic Fingerprint Reader that Ensures Consistent Image Quality, even in High Traffic Environments.

I Scan 2 of Cross Match®

Perfect for mobile applications, with fast and reliable performance for iris recognition.

Iris ID iCAM TD100 – Camera for Iris Recognition

The Most Advanced Device for the Recognition of Iris with the Ability to Compare One-to-One or One-to-Many in a Quick and Efficient Way in Almost Any Internal or External Environment.

Biometric Readers

Live Scanner for Fingerprints

Iris scanner